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Learner Journey

As a learner, you are investing your time and effort in attending one of our courses and, as such, you want to get the most out of it.


This page has been put together to give you an overview of what you can expect from us and also what we will expect from you so that the learning experience is meaningful for you and others who attend our courses.

Learner Journey Steps 1-3

Security Industry Authority (SIA) 

We provide Security Industry Authority (SIA) training for the UK’s private security industry. This covers everything from door supervisors to security guards and also CCTV operators. All of our SIA training is accredited through level 2 or level 3 qualifications to meet the SIA standard.

Bespoke Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion training

We offer a bespoke approach to EDI with workshops and think tanks which are tailored to suit the needs of business and team groups to whom we offer our services.

Mental health and well-being

Through our training programmes, we help improve employee well-being and give organisations the tools to reduce costs over time through better support. Investing in talks, presentations, and training is essential for any business.

Contruction Engineer

We support people to become more employable or promotable

How we support

Where appropriate, we try to bring in industry experts to talk on a variety of subjects and share their experiences -

this is to give you a more varied session and also to ensure our courses have a reality check.

What we expect from you:

Every journey matters to us

We hope you enjoy our courses - any questions please ask

What can you expect from us if attend our programmes?

A positive learning environment in which to  work 


Well prepared course leaders who have a good knowledge of the subject they are leading in


Clear and informative materials - shared during the programme and for you to take away


Well-structured programme with appropriate breaks and a logical progression of topics

Group Focus

Small group work to help understanding and to make the sessions engaging


Practical real-life examples 


Chance to ask questions

Safe Environment

Safe environment to learn - clear rules for all participants


Understanding roles and responsibility and how to take accountability for what you are doing

Global / Cultural Awareness

Embracing diversity in work groups


Turn up on time at the start of the day and from breaks

Sign up to the course rules agreed at the start of each session

Engage in the learning, asking questions and respecting fellow course members’ opinions

Participate in group activities set within or after course sessions

Conduct any preparation work outside of the course as required

Let us know if you don’t understand any aspects of the topics we are covering 

Put your phone away during the sessions!

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