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Focusing on the skills of the future, our programmes range from business operations to data science and software engineering.

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"Greater sense of identity, higher ability to cope
with life and I found a greater sense of purpose".
- Evelyn 
The opportunity to socialise, meeting new people and friends who share the same interest, was stated as being one of the key benefits of adult learning.

There are many ways to get out there and meet new and interesting people and studying a topic that you find fun and interesting is certainly an easy way to meet like-minded people.

Furthermore, whether studied in a classroom or online, the chance to interact and keep mentally active is an extremely positive benefit derived from adult learning and education.


Depending, of course, on what topic you choose to study, there are numerous opportunities to develop more self-confidence, self-esteem and self of worth, through adult classes and workshops.

Whether it is the qualification you gain that makes you feel more worthy, or the skills themselves, it means a chance to develop positively.

Certain skills, such as those that involve having to stand and talk in front of others, can be especially good for confidence.

Senior Computer Class

Health and social care

Digital and media skills

Business and administration skills

Low carbon skills

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Level 3 Diploma Adult Social Care

Duration: 6 Months  with a mix of blended learning, both classroom and online homework.

10 am-3 pm each day

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E3 Level 2 Digital Skills

Duration: 6 weeks of classroom delivery.

9.30am-3 pm each day

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ESOL Qualification

Duration: 9 weeks of classroom delivery.

9.30am -3pm each day.

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AEB funded qualifications we provide include:
Endless Benefits

No matter what our age, learning and continuing to develop our skills and knowledge is something that, as adults, we should all seek to do for a number of reasons.


The benefits of adult learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) include better mental health and well-being. 

Adult Education Budget (AEB)

We offer a wide range of qualifications that are funded by the Adult Education Budget (AEB) which funds the training of adults with employability skills.


We can deliver these funded qualifications and provide learning opportunities across London that support adults to progress into employment and in their careers. 

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