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EET Group work within the Government funded training market, with directors having a combined 30 years worth of experience within the Employability and Skills sector and are able to ensure the quality provision and are flexible enough to adapt our approach to our prime need.

We are always looking for new partners to support their contract needs.

Our Mission

EET Group’s mission is to take every opportunity to offer learning and development experiences that are engaging, innovative and exciting. 


Through face to face, blended learning, and technology, we aim to retain our learners, clients and employers and ensure we are the leader in designing and delivering high-quality services to provide the expertise and skills needed for the future. 

Our Vision

EET Group’s vision is to be a leading and benchmark training provider in the UK, with a focus on employability and employment. 

At East Essex Vocational Training, we’re committed to encouraging both staff and students to continuously create, grow and learn.  Our curriculum reflects this commitment, as well as the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our instructors and participants alike. We offer an unmatched variety of courses and programs, created for individuals or groups 14-24 of any academic level.

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Find your path to an exciting future, with a top apprenticeship.

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Young Adults

Transform your career through learning. Discover the EETGroup Learning Journey.

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We value consistency and understand that one session or workshop is just a part of the overall journey as each organisation’s culture is different.

The Learner Journey

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What we provide

We provide bespoke, creative, and high-quality learning opportunities, provisions, and programmes to be an expert and ‘consultant of choice’ delivering exceptional client solutions.

1  —


Build a sustainable long-term business founded upon strong client relationships.

2  —


Create a culture and ethos driven by our core values.

3 —


Deliver the best outcomes for our learners, customers, and clients.

4 —


Create a professional and enjoyable working environment.

Core Values

We are a learning organisation and this extends to us learning from issues that arise which we monitor through robust quality assurance. All our staff teams follow a programme of continual professional development, so they are able to offer best practice solutions to all our work streams.

1  —

We show passion 

Running a business, which is all about helping people have a positive impact on their lives, provides us with a passion to pursue fantastic results. It’s that passion that helps us to strive to  be the best in our field, to go the extra mile for  our clients, and to support them through setbacks.

2  —

We value Integrity

Our business is built on integrity - being open and honest with the people who we are working with about potential outcomes and the way we operate.

3 —

We show respect 

In the people-business, mutual respect is key for a long-term healthy relationship. We are known to our clients as courteous, modest, and always willing to go the extra mile to produce a win-win liaison.

4 —

We provide quality

Our reputation depends on the quality of the programmes we offer and the feedback we get from clients and learners. We set high standards for ourselves and look to extend the learning opportunities for all who come through our programmes.

5 - We are Innovative

Continuous improvement and creativity are a fundamental principle for our organisation as we encourage others to learn, and we are constantly developing new ways of working and delivering our products. We innovate to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape of which our learners want to be a part.

6 —

We add value

We understand the pressures that organisations are facing and strive to add value through our learning programmes.

This is both in terms of financial and tangible value for clients and learners alike.  We work hard to understand our clients and learners and bespoke our programmes to suit individual needs, where possible.

We have clear values which shape everything we do:

We are Inclusive


We understand the value in working with a diverse workforce and a product offer and support toolkit to be inclusive.


We work by listening to the ideas, views, and experiences of our stakeholders to enable us to provide appropriate and impactful support 

Helping you either upskill and develop existing staff or attract new staff to your business

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