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Commercial Services

We are committed to clients with an excellent level of service which exceeds their expectations.


Working in collaboration to establish objectives, we use our skill, experience, drive, and determination to deliver the solutions necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

Commercial Service Areas

We provide Security Industry Authority (SIA) training for the UK’s private security industry. This covers everything from door supervisors to security guards and also CCTV operators. All of our SIA training is accredited through level 2 or level 3 qualifications to meet the SIA standard.

Bespoke Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion training

We offer a bespoke approach to EDI with workshops and think tanks which are tailored to suit the needs of business and team groups to whom we offer our services.

Mental health and well-being

Through our training programmes, we help improve employee well-being and give organisations the tools to reduce costs over time through better support. Investing in talks, presentations, and training is essential for any business.

Working With Headphones

We support people to become more employable or promotable

How we support

We support people to become more employable or promotable.

How employable someone is depends on their knowledge, skills, and attitudes, how they use those assets, and how they present themselves to employers.

Training to make someone more employable is about focusing on the key skills that sit at the core of someone’s work ethic. They range from how to work as part of a team to developing the skills necessary to get a good understanding of the organisation in which they are working and being able to be an effective contributor in the special areas  of their responsibilities.

Exceeding All Expectations

We work with a number of providers to deliver employability training and will tailor the programme to suit their requirements.

Below are the core elements typically included in our programmes.

Core  Programme Elements

What it means to be a team player , how to be an effective team member


Strategies to deal with problems and issues that arise at work


Listening, body language - all things to be aware of for excellent communication

Time Management

Being organised, managing your time effectively

IT Skills

The basics of MS word, email, Excel 


Practical numeracy as it might be required in the workplace

Customer awareness

Customer awareness - what customer service means, identifying who is your customer, and how to ensure their needs are met

Creativity and innovation

Looking at some techniques for how to generate ideas, assessing viability of ideas and adopting them

Integrity and accountability

Understanding roles and responsibility and how to take accountability for what you are doing

Global / Cultural Awareness

Embracing diversity in work groups


What is leadership; what does good leadership look like and how do you get support

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