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Want an Apprenticeship?

There are some careers where taking an apprenticeship can be more beneficial than studying or working alone. Becoming an apprentice provides you with the opportunity to gain first-hand work experience in your chosen industry while studying one or two days per week to earn a recognised qualification.


Combine focused and relevant training, personalised support, and an amazing community. Helping you hit your career running – from day one.

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Apply what you learn

When knowledge goes unused, it fades quickly. An EEVT apprenticeship places you directly in the midst of the action, allowing you to apply your learning daily. You then enhance and expand upon it through continuous practice and discussions with fellow learners.

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Shape an exciting future

Our programs unlock a vast array of opportunities with leading employers. From globally renowned financial institutions to innovative tech firms tackling monumental challenges, these are the companies shaping the future.

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Get industry support

Our programs unlock a diverse range of opportunities with industry-leading employers. From financial institutions to groundbreaking creative agencies addressing significant challenges, these are the companies shaping tomorrow.

A learning experience to rival university

Apprenticeship Programmes

We're creating an exceptional alternative to traditional university and corporate training through professional apprenticeships.

Kick-start your career with an apprenticeship. Whether you're seeking to enhance your skills within your current field or you're a young individual embarking on your first job, East Essex Vocational Training is here to assist.

Apprenticeships provide you with essential employability skills that can be applied across various industries. Additionally, they enable you to earn a wage while working towards a recognised qualification.

Customer Service Practitioner

Level 2

Digital Marketer

Level 3 

Content Creator Level 3

Business Administator Level 3

Are you a Non-Levy Employer?

If you’re a small or medium-sized business and you don’t pay the apprenticeship levy we can help you access 95% government funding towards the cost of training and assessing apprentices.

East Essex Vocational Training can help you recruit, train and retain new staff, while upskilling existing staff.

For more information please call our team now.

Are you a Levy Employer?

We operate a partner company, East Essex Vocational Training (EEVT), which is an apprenticeship provider. If you’re an employer with a payroll of over £3 million per year, you are now required to pay the apprenticeship levy.


These funds will be held in a digital apprenticeship service account and can only be used for apprenticeship training and assessment.

EEVT can help you maximise the value of your apprenticeship levy by assisting you in either upskilling and developing existing staff or attracting new talent to your business.

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