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What is EDI?

 We acknowledge that some staff members may not be engaged with the traditional form of EDI training, so we have a unique way of delivering the core modules included in any robust diversity programme. 

The workshops and think tanks are delivered using a blended learning approach in 4-hour sessions and can run as a series spread over several weeks or delivered in a block, depending on how you would like to schedule them.

Our curated modules can be delivered virtually or in-person and are meant to be mixed and matched to fit your needs. Topics include mastering the language, education, and the knowledge needed to feel empowered and confident.


They are as follows: 

Industrial Engineer

Committed to

Learners and Providers

Equality and diversity

Inclusion and belonging

Discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying

Avoiding discrimination and creating safe environments

The benefits of an effective diversity policy

The diversity challenge - assessment

Allyship and self-awareness – how to use your privilege 

Developing strategies to create a diverse and inclusive environment

Creating, cultivating, and sustaining an inclusive environment

Managing progression and the challenges facing underrepresented groups




Bespoke Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training  

We offer a bespoke approach to EDI with workshops and think tanks which are tailored to suit the needs of business and team groups to whom we offer our services.

Commercial Services

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